Electronics Industry Trends 2020

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Rising demand for electronic devices and components has created a dynamic business environment for most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)to work with overseas component manufacturers and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers. 

We will take a look at few trends in Electronics Industry. : Today we talk about Artificial Intelligent[AI] and how it could make an impact on us. 

Artificial Intelligent [AI]

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By growing IoT & Automotive industry such as 5G or Electronic cars, it is required more features and functionalities on PCB board itself. That means simply thousands of technologies to be stacked onto each board. 

Most engineers in decades, manually route and design their boards but there are some potentialities to save your time or resources in the manufacturing process.  

AI placement is the one of opportunities to operate it efficiently.

 The more electronic products that are designed, the more that can be manufactured and sold. Although true intelligence seems a little way off yet, but AI can help automation system such as AOI(automated optical inspection) and it can amplify the better performance and efficient resource operations. Also, it could reduce the risk in many ways soon.

 For example, with an AOI machine, images of defective PCBs can be sent to a multi images verification station, which may be in a remote location. The defects may then be classified as true or false defects. The same thing when done with human intervention is not only expensive but also prone to errors.   The AI system on the other hand provides accuracy provided of course accurate data is available. Small changes in data can of course lead to a host of changes and hence data sensitivity is of utmost essence.

 Going forward, AI will result in improved processes as well as exponential speed which will in turn go a long way in taking the PCB manufacturing industry to a whole new level.