The range of FPGA products in the market continues to increase, offering the promise of a highly integrated solution whilst retaining the fundamental advantage of user programmability.

Smart Electronics is offering services of highly professional FPGA design engineers. Our team can help you to proof the concept of your design and push it to the real life. In most cases we will prove the concept and debug the design on the existing evaluation boards which reduce the development cost.

How can we help you?

We have experience to design various types of FPGA projects including simple CPLDs to multiple FPGA designs running from 0.1 Hz to 800 MHz.

Our experienced specialists can help you from something very simple like couple of hours tasks to a full complex electronics design.


We have produced and assisted in designs ranging from 32 macrocell CPLDs to multiple multi-million gate FPGA/ASIC designs running from 0.1 Hz to 400 MHz. Our assistance can range from something simple like a day’s training course on basics to a full outsourcing of a complex turnkey electronics and software design.

Why to choose Smart Electronics?

  • We have good communication and relationships with the most popular FPGA vendors like XILINX, ALTERA, LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR, who provide us with an extensive access to their libraries and evaluation boards; 
  • Our team includes professional HDL designers (both Verilog and VHDL)
  • We understand and provide complicated State Machine algorithms, design test benches in a source level;
  • We use best practices for the design of fully synchronous state machines, and incorporate a fundamental understanding of the implications of clock domain boundary crossing;
  • We understand when vendor macros and “hard IP” are appropriate for efficient synthesis, and when their invocation is an impediment to overall HDL code portability and re-use;
  • We use special tracking and version control services;
  • Our designers have a broad experience of integrating FPGA design with the ARM processors and other interfaces.