Very many thanks to Smart Electronics and to Aaron — we would not hesitate to recommend he, and you, to anyone in our sector.

We came to you with an urgent need to get a small amount of surface-mount rework done, but on a difficult flexible board. I was referred to your engineer Aaron by telephone, who offered to try to solve our need at very short notice — he was working some weekend overtime, and I brought the board to him on a Saturday in August.

Not only did he take the project on on the weekend, he was most helpful – showed me the problem under high magnification, and clarified the tools he would need to use, said he would let me know as soon as he could.

Just one day later – on Sunday no less – he called, the work complete, and I re-collected from him that day. He had changed a difficult 28QFN chip for us, on an awkward flexible PCB.

This was simply superb service. I know no other service provider who would do this work this fast, and on a weekend.

5/5 stars service

Always, On-time, very quick, flexible and customer focus approach.

We are very satisfied their service.

Extremely responsive!

We have been working with Smart less than 2 years and All boxes are ticked for us.

“the value for money”

“the quality of our products”

“the lead-time”

Extremely happy with provided services.