Our electronic design engineers have many years experience in all aspects of electronic design, including but not limited with Industrial, Commercial, Military and Medical.

Our capabilities

Our capability extends to electronic design of analogue, digital, RF, and power circuitry as well as firmware and software.
At the start of a project, together with our clients, we write a detailed project specification clearly stating the costs and time line to achieve identifiable milestones. This becomes the initial hardware design specification document.

Electronic Design Process

Sometimes, companies do not have a clear idea of the viability of their design project. On these occasions it is beneficial to undertake a feasibility study just to get to the stage of being able to create a project specification. A low cost one day study can often establish the economic viability of an idea before too much money is spent.  Project management is a priority.

During the course of development, regular feedback on progress is presented to ensure the project remains on track. Each milestone is formally signed off with clients. Our electronic design process is clearly focused on design for manufacturing. It is our mutual interest that electronics design projects are commercially successful.  It is our policy to ensure our clients have possession of all design and production data. As you would expect from a well established business, long term technical support is always available.

Advantages of ordering electronic design from us!

  • Up-front quoting of project cost and duration.
  • No retention of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Reduce customer in-house engineering costs.
  • All documentation signed over to the customer.
  • Free-up your resources.
  • Innovative designs.
  • Reduced design complexity and production costs. 
  • Complimentary manufacturing services

Electronics design is critical to the success of any new product. Smart Electronics has experiences and skills to handle your design and manufacturing needs.

We fully understand the commitment our clients place with us. We work openly with the clients to deliver the best solution and on-going service for their needs. Many companies worldwide are using our design and development services as an integral part of their future product or simply to reduce their in-house costs.