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Whether you’ve got an idea for a new innovation or are planning an upgrade / overhaul of your current product? We design, check and supply a free prototype.


We always seek ways to provide greater value to our customers. We now provide both free component search and free *standard passive components.

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If you require different coloured printed circuit boards for different products, projects or project stages, We can supply PCB’s in a range of colours.

USP_quality assurance


All orders are subject to free design reviews and checks during our exacting manufacturing process to eliminate errors, save costs and time. All finished products comes with a long-time warranty.

USP-stock management


We keep a huge stock of the most widely used components which enables us to provide a faster service to our clients especially with prototype supply.

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Our engineers have a minimum of 10 years experience and many are inventors and authors and have made important contributions to the electronics industry.

About Us

Smart Electronics was originally founded in 2014 to provide both electronic and embedded software development and whilst we do indeed possess incredible embedded software skills the majority of our time and focus is in Electronic design, test and manufacturing.
Smart Electronics is a specialist EMS company and one-stop solution for all of your electronics needs. Our experienced UK based management and QA team combines seamlessly with our South Korean manufacturing specialists to guarantee customer satisfaction and production excellence. We provide free prototypes, free standard passive components, free quality checks and reviews. End-to-end solution makes us the Smart choice of the partner. The manufacturing sites are UL and ISO 9001 certified. 
The original office was based in Hetton-Le-Hole, Tyne and Wear and is still in use today. In 2018 we opened a new Sales, Marketing and Distribution office on the World renowned Science and technology centre Milton Park.

Vision and values

Above and Beyond

Our commitment is to provide every client with the best solutions available on the market not just once but every single time. We care about our clients, we listen but, crucially, we actually hear them.


This gives our clients a competitive advantage, enhances R&D, reduces time to market and increases their cash flow and enhances their reputation.

High Tech & Quality

We only use the latest technologies and the very finest components at all times. We aim to provide only the highest quality of service to our clients and will settle for nothing less.

Honesty and Transparency

We build trust by communicating honestly and with complete transparency in every interaction, internally with each other and externally with our clients, vendors and partners.


We are completely flexible to clients’ needs and desires, and we do everything to find the best solution for every unique and demanding case.


All clients’ Intellectual Property Rights including but not limited to data, designs, ideas and any other information is kept strictly confidential at all times.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to be your EMS partner: For our professional excellence to be at the very heart of solutions that power cities, connect people across the globe, entertain and educate, launch and explore new worlds and new civilizations, diagnose disease and save lives. It’s our mission to power a brighter, cleaner, Smarter future, today.

Smart Electronics: Powering solutions and Empowering people across the globe